The Molok follows Micah, a young boy forced to deal with life’s harsh realities too quickly, too soon. While fleeing the impending loss of his terminally ill mother, Micah finds his way into a fire-ravaged building, which turns out to be anything but abandoned. He encounters an ancient creature residing among the wreckage, collecting and coveting the lost treasures, hopes, and dreams of childrens' forgotten youth, feeding off their energy. The Molok holds a secret to overcoming the painful memories that Micah has repressed - perhaps even the key to the boy’s salvation. But what does The Molok want from the boy in return? The cost may be too high.



The Molok is a 13 foot live action monster made of people's things and forgotten stories. The Molok's very body is made of the junk he covets: treasures lost, tokens cast away, trinkets stolen. He lives where the line blurs, at the end of the light and the beginning of the shadow. Match wits if you dare... The Molok will reward your offering, but who's really getting the better deal?

Our Molok feeds off the attachments people form to their things, and in an effort to take our monster (that will exist physically, in reality) a step further, we want to make it with objects that are actually significant with their own real stories. We will include your object in our monster's body and tell its story on our blog, 

Please e-mail us at and include the following information: a photo of the object, description of its significance to you, where you are located, and why you'd like to donate it to Molok. We'll take it from there with more information!

art by Annalisa Barron


Micah confronts The Molok


The Molok's eye, skeleton

molok swamp thing.jpg

The Molok, First Concept


The Molok Poster


Skeleton, with Actors