The Molok is an independent film and art project that collects and archives the stories of its audience. The goal is to tell a greater tale about loss and the importance of community.

The Molok character is a being from another realm that feeds off of human memories; the ones we attach to our most meaningful possessions. When a community breaks down, Molok arrives in this world and begins to collect these items from its isolated residents. It lives off of the energy in their things, feasting on the memories they reveal. We are literally building our Molok creature from real objects donated by real people in order to give our audience a chance to experience the Molok firsthand and foster a new community in the process.

The Molok sculpture was commissioned by Sam T Wilson and Xander Chauncey, the co-creators of the film and character. It is being constructed by artist Annalisa Barron, our Chief Sculptor. She is currently collecting storied items from the public to build into the beast. Molok will be more than a movie prop, instead it is a living collection of memories and stories gathered from our growing community of donors.

Once completed, the sculpture will function as the ominous and mysterious Molok in the feature film, facing off against our hero, ten year old Micah. We see Micah in danger of losing himself as he struggles to recover from the loss of his father. Meanwhile, Molok grows stronger from what it’s been collecting, until Micah is finally drawn to face it. 


After filming is complete, the Molok project will have a life as an online archive, a book, and a touring art installation. People will have a chance to view and experience all of the stories that were collected to bring this creature to life on and off screen.

We began developing our creature in November of 2017 and it will be completed by March 2019. Last Spring, our producer Nancy Pop helped us raise $10,000 through our Indiegogo campaign, which we used to finance the prototype. Through the campaign we also gained fiscal sponsorship from The New York Foundation for the Arts and From the Heart Productions, lending the film and art project non-profit status. We are hosting several Molok events throughout the Winter and Spring of this year; at these events we present the latest version of the sculpture in an interactive performance. The team will be on hand to answer questions, accept donated items, and document their histories.

We have gathered a committed group of creative talent to make this project a reality, including Broadway star Tom Hewitt, puppeteer Leah Hofmann, sound artist Harold Taddy, and cinematographer Edna Biesold. Principal photography is set to begin in spring of 2019. Currently, The Molok is seeking donations, volunteers, and investors for the sculpture and film. Please scroll down to help us tell this story and bring what we feel is an iconic character to its fullest potential.

Parting with our personal treasures is not always easy; it requires a great deal of strength, humility, and forgiveness to let go of the past in order to make room for the future. The Molok team is ready to take items of personal significance that you’re in need of shedding and construct it into the building of our live-action monster.

To make an offering, please fill out this form and mail* it along with your object to:

Big Al's Flying Films

4791 West Ridge Road

Spencerport, NY 14559

Send us a copy of your shipping receipt to receive a tax deductible receipt from NYFA!