Recap: Shanties and NYFVC Workshop

This past Saturday, Steven Sherrill hosted our sea shanty-infused Molok event in Centre Hall, PA. Over 100 local pirates and kiddos joined us at The Workshop for a day full of singing, object donations, and Molok performance. Check out the video recap below!

On Tuesday, the New York Film and Video Council hosted our first ever NYC event at Macaulay Honors College. We held a Q&A and had a few of the audience members try on the eye and harness to better understand the complexity behind designing and constructing Molok. A handful of object donations also peeked through this event, TBA (to be archived)!

We owe a huge thank you to Steven Sherrill, James Kalsbeek, Zach Levy, Robin Hood Brewing Company, Becca Newburg, Marcy Flatz, Edgar Andrés, Gaël Jean-Louis, Lee Peterson, Alexis Fuentes, Laurencio Carlos Ruiz, Leif Barron, Macaulay Honors College, Chris Tabassi, Celina Santana, and all of the volunteers who made our shanty a huge success. We'd also like to thank everyone who attended and made object donations; we'll be archiving the donations soon here on The Molok's Lair - check back soon! 

As always, thank you for your support! We'll touch base again in a few weeks with some exciting news... 

Moloking Onwards,
Sam, Xander, Annalisa, Nancy