Hoarders! Heed my call!


The Molok is a creature whose very body is comprised of lost treasures. Orphan socks, broken toys, lost umbrellas, all kinds of objects that once were special to someone. And the more special they were, the more the Molok covets them. He draws his power from the energy we leave on these totems as we cherish and worship them. Maybe they were never really lost at all, but rather...stolen...or given.

That's where you come in. We at The Molok's Lair would like to invite you to send in your own object that you would like to be free of as an offering to The Molok. Something an ex gave you bumming you out? Sacrifice it to the Molok. Have a top hat that you used to LOVE in your "English Gentleman" phase but no longer feels like you? The Molok wants it. Broke the kung fu grip on your favorite teddy bear? You know what to do.

Send in all those objects you want to be free of and our Sculptor, Annalisa Barron, will weave your item into the very skin of the creature. She'll even take a photo to show you what became of your generous offering. Help us make this creature not just a movie prop, but a collaborative work of art. Together we can make The Molok TRULY real!

To submit an object, e-mail us a photo of the object and the reason you'd like to be rid of it: themolokfilm@gmail.com


Author, Steven Sherrill discusses why he's offering his collection of 750 vintage crutches to The Molok.