Harold Taddy from "The Velvet Noose" to Provide Submersive Sound Design for The Molok!

Taddy mugshot.png

Get ready to have your mind pulled about and swaddled like a fuzzy piece of Pappy's famous salt water taffy. Harold Taddy of The Velvet Noose fame will be providing submersive sound design for The Molok. Moog synthesizers, gregorian chants, lullabies, binaural audio experiences... it'll FREAK YOU OUT MAN! Check out his work and (as he would say) "please use headphones and listen with intent." It's definitely worth it. 

Harold Taddy uses a lifetime of traveling meditations, both physical and meta, to inform his creative output and is no stranger to the power of sound manipulations. It’s prevalent in his musical compositions with longtime collaborator Kent Fairman Wilson; in the Minotaurian novel soundtrack work with famed author Steven Sherril; and within his poetry and stage direction while performing with his own immersive theatrical drone experience - The Velvet Noose. Taddy’s signature feel incites reflections on pure human emotion, often using long-form Moog-based oscillations to an entrancing degree. With words, he casts light on uprooted timeless wisdom and his textured musical landscapes create a mirrored backdrop, guiding the listener through an experience that goes beyond that of simply listening or watching. You can see this concept realized in his short films, The Meditation Ritual and Sublimation of the Pig Skull.


Test theme from The Molok, by sound designer Harold Taddy. Preorder your copy of our film soundtrack here!